Senior Ride by Yellow Cab of Prince William County

Effective March 1, 2024, we will no longer offer NEW Senior Cards. March 1, 2024, the Senior discount will also drop to 5% on all existing cards in the program. We have hesitated to make these changes and attempted to find a grant or an agency to help subsidize the program. Due to increasing operating costs, we are no longer in a position to continue to self-subsidize the program but want to continue to offer something to our existing customers for as long as we can.

To purchase before the program's end date, please call our office to make sure someone will be available to assist you. Yellow Cab apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause our Seniors. Yellow Cab of Prince William hopes that we will be able to revive the program either on our own or with a grant or program that is willing to assist with subsidies.

Senior Ride is/was an unsubsidized pre-paid program in which senior citizens 65 and older receive an additional 5% in cab fare money when they purchase a pre-paid card. The amount you choose to put on the card is increased by 5% allowing the senior citizens of Prince William County to get around without breaking the bank. No more haggling with a driver to get your discount; it is taken care of on your Senior Ride prepaid card!

Again, like the Taxi Cash Cards, Senior Ride cards can be loaded with any amount you choose.

Purchase Amount Cab Fare Value
$10.00 $10.50
$25.00 $26.25
$50.00 $52.50
$100.00 $105.00

Proof of age is required at the time of purchase. Please present a valid government issued ID as proof of age qualification.

Purchases must be made in person.

Senior Citizen needs a ride

Use Yellow Cab’s on demand, curb to curb transportation services for important appointments, grocery shopping, dining with friends, or anytime you need a ride. Ride with a trusted, family-owned company that has been in service in the county for over 45 years. We go where people go!!!!

Yellow Cab’s Senior Ride program ensures that you get a discount with every Prince William Yellow Cab no matter what day or time you call!

Senior Taxi Cab Discounts

Purchasing and using a Senior Ride Prepaid Cab Fare card GUARANTEES you will still receive a Senior Citizen Discount!

Senior cards are nonrefundable due to applied discounts.