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Better Communication & Better Service

Better Communication & Better Service Yellow Cab of Prince William County is a 4th generation family owned business; We have seen many changes over the years. Over the past 4 decades we have worked diligently to stay up to date with today's technology. We pride ourselves on using state of the art technology to run our business in every aspect from receiving phone calls, dispatching cabs, to meeting the needs of the community.

Translator tool provided for the benefit of our customers. Please note English is used when calling to schedule a cab.


Technology has made requesting a cab so much easier. We take requests by phone, text, internet reservations and our Smart Phone booking applications.

Our phone system allows customers to book by speaking with an operator or by using IVR. Our customers can even speak directly to the driver. Our phone system will accept your call and by pressing “2” on your phone keypad, your will be transferred to your driver's cell phone while maintaining your privacy. The driver will only see our number. The driver will perform a “call out” shortly after they receive your call or when they arrive to pick you up. Again, these calls will go through our phone server maintaining privacy for the driver too. Customers will receive our number on their caller id. All of these calls are recorded for quality assurance and training purposes.

If you are a repeat customer, our system will offer you a choice of five typical locations you have traveled to or from. This will allow you to speed up the reservation process and book your cab without waiting on hold!

Download the app to your phone today! This is the most convenient, easiest and fastest way to book your ride! After booking your ride you can locate your driver and track their progress.

You will also receive price estimates and trip time estimates.

Text requests by sending a text to our main number (703) 491-2222.

Book Online at reservations.yellowcabpw.com or clicking a link on our webpage.

Download our Booking App and book a cab and track it as it heads your way!

Yellow Cab’s has made great strides in providing on demand service to the riders in and around Prince William County. Some of the things were first in are:

Requesting a Ride

Technology has made requesting a cab so much easier. We take requests by phone, text, internet reservations and our Smart Phone booking applications.

Each vehicle is equipped with GPS for:

Use the appropriate app for your phone to download our Booking App today!


iphone mobile app qr codeiPhone App


PLEASE CALL (703) 491-2222.


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What Dispatch Sees:

Dispatch Operator Automated call monitoring Vehicle Tracking
Dispatch Operator Automated Call Monitoring Vehicle Tracking

What The Driver Sees:

Driver Signs On Call-For Bid screen shot Driver Accepts BID screen shot Driver BID Confirmation screen shot Customer pick up screen shot
Driver Signs On to Program Call Comes In For
Driver To Bid
Driver Accepts Bid Driver Receives Confirmation of
Successful BID
Customer Pick-up

Other Technology

Each vehicle is equipped with GPS for:taxi camera

Most vehicles are equipped with Vehicle Cameras that record when:

Payment Options

All vehicles are able process credit cards in the vehicle through our new back seat devices for credit or debit card payments. No longer must you hand your card to the driver. It will remain in your control at all times.

Stay tuned for future upgrades in services!!! You can count on Yellow Cab of Prince William staying on top of available technology!

Get your Taxi Cash card today!

Technology Vendors Include:

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Prince William Yellow Cab is a registered Virginia vendor with Virginia's Total e-Procurement Solution for state and public agencies.